A Step-by-Step Guide to Selling Your Engagement Ring

A Step-by-Step Guide to Selling Your Engagement Ring

Are you planning to sell your engagement ring but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! This guide will help you.

An engagement ring symbolizes love and shows an eternal promise to the person you love. However, there comes a time when selling this precious jewelry is the only option.

Perhaps the relationship ended, the ring no longer fits, or you need urgent cash. Whatever the reason, selling an engagement ring is a significant move that can help you get more money. Here is a comprehensive guide to selling your ring successfully.

1. Plan Where to Sell the Ring

The first vital step is to find out where to sell engagement ring. How will you get ready to market? Is it online or just your nearby pawn store? Finding the right place can be challenging, so this step might take some time. Thankfully, the options are many, and you can readily pick what conveniences you.

Here are different selling options for your engagement ring. 

Jewelry Store

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Most jewelry stores sell both new and second-hand rings. As such, these stores are open to buying from people who no longer need their rings, so you can try your luck there. You can take it to the jewelry store where the ring was purchased or anywhere nearby.

If you are unfamiliar with nearby stores, use search engines to look for jewelry stores near your location. Check them out, and you might find someone interested in it. 

Selling Online

Putting the ring up for sale online is a great option, for one, you can do everything without leaving your home. Simply look up popular marketplaces and make your offer. Heads up, leading platforms like Facebook are filled with brokers who tend to offer lower prices, so your negotiation skills should come into play. Also, remember that you are dealing with strangers to avoid scams. 


Yes, you heard it right, you can sell your engagement ring through an auction. But, you should only consider this option if you are not under financial pressure. This works like this; you give auctioneers the right to sell it, and they then look for interested bidders. The highest bidder gets the ring, after which you get paid.

Pawn Shop

If you need money urgently, you should go to a pawn shop. However, this option is only suitable in a desperate situation as you may get considerably less money for the ring's value. 

2. Understand the Ring’s Worth

It’s vital to know that your selling price will not be the same as the buying price! Like many other jewelry pieces, an engagement ring depreciates its value, so you will likely sell at a significantly lower cost.

Nevertheless, you should still find the ring's worth before selling it. One sure way to do so is to get a valuation from an experienced jeweler. The jeweler will check the ring's vital specifications, like the color, carat, and weight, to help determine the most suitable value. You may not necessarily take the ring for valuation, but you should have realistic specifications regarding the selling price.

3. Gather Relevant Documentation

You must keep some documents handy before making the engagement ring sale. One of the vital documents to have is the appraisal certification, which shows the estimated valuation of the ring.

Another document is the original receipt, which shows the ring's value and when and where you purchased it. A diamond and gemstone certificate may also be necessary if the ring is graded.

4. Take Pictures

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Quality pictures are a great deal when selling anything online. Most buyers will want to see a couple of pictures of your engagement ring, so you must make them compelling enough to capture their attention and interest.

The point of focus should be the ring and not anything else, so ensure you take it on a plain surface and at different angles to bring out its finer details.

5. Compare Price Offers

With your pics ready, the obvious step is to upload them online or visit a dealer. But, hold on to that for a second. To get the most value from the sale, you need to know the price range and establish a reasonable offer.

So, take your time to compare the prices in different selling avenues before settling for one. 

6. Negotiate, Be Transparent

Negotiation is vital when selling a ring and can significantly increase the price. Many offers may be open to negotiations, so don’t hesitate to ask for a price rise.

An ideal negotiation should be friendly but professional. Don’t be harsh, and be polite when negotiating. Also, be transparent to the buyer about any damages the ring may have had.

Likewise, don’t hide if you misplaced the original buying certificate or a part of the ring is missing. Honesty will help you get the right buyer with ease.

7. Get the Money Securely

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After negotiations, you may get a buyer for the ring, or you may not. If you sell, confirm that the payment is secure, mainly if you transact online. You should check past client reviews before you give out your ring. Confirm that the payment method is discreet as well. 


An engagement ring is not like any other beauty jewelry. It signifies love and commitment, and selling it may take much work. Before you sell, ensure you are emotionally ready to part with it because you won’t get it back after you sell.

Sell your ring only when you are ready and when it is necessary. Hopefully, the above steps will guide you into finding the ideal place to sell your ring and closing the sale successfully.

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